ThinkGeek Pumpkin Template Contest

ThinkGeek is currently having their Great Geeky Pumpkin Template Contest 2012. They have a lot of cool templates available for download. If you scroll down to the bottom of their webpage you will find my Portal 2 Pumpkin tutorial which was my entry in video form. Do any of you guys have cool nerdy pumpkin templates? If so, you should enter because you can win a bunch of cool geeky stuff. Safe carving!

Video blogging

Video blogging is something I have been thinking about doing for years, but I was just scared to start. After watching hours of various well produced video blogs on YouTube, I went from thinking about it to actually doing it. I am still a newbie to the realm of online video, but I am enjoying it more and more as I make more videos. Here are the top ten things I have learned since starting to vlog

  1. I am crazy picky about video quality
  2. Video cameras are expensive
  3. Video editing software is expensive
  4. Linux still makes me happy (I knew this, but it was affirmed again with free video editing software)
  5. Tripods make everything look better
  6. Do multiple takes (You can always cut stuff out later)
  7. Shooting in public makes me self conscious
  8. Jump cuts are okay
  9. Video codecs are a pain
  10. Filming anything is really all about the lighting and angle

Okay, as I was writing this about forty more things popped into my head. I have found making a somewhat decent video is a lot more work and a lot more time consuming than I had originally expected. I definitely have a lot more respect for all the YouTubers and video makers who take the time to produce great work.

Do any of you video blog? What tips do you have to share?