NaNoWriMo - The End


I have just finished my 50,000 word novel for the month of November. As you can see from the graph below I had a few struggles along the way.

That big dip you see around day 17 is called life and procrastination. November is all about priorities and sometimes writing takes a back seat, even during NaNoWriMo. Honestly, every NaNoWriMo I have participated in I have fallen behind on word count at some point. The key is not to get discouraged even when you start to fall behind. This is where forums and friends come in.

You see, before my second NaNoWriMo I tried to convince everyone I could to join without much success. It was not until my wife decided to join the challenge that our friends followed suit. My wife and friends have been writing novels along side me for the past four years and that is the reason I have been successful at this endeavor every year. I believe this is true for anything we do. Community is important and without it you may still be successful, but it is a lot harder.

The only reason why I started to catch up this year around day 24 was the goading and prodding of my wife and friends. I had to scramble to bring my word count back to where it should be. I did not want my fifth year to be the year I failed and neither did they. After a lot of coffee and a few write-ins, I finished two days early. It is the earliest I have ever finished NaNoWriMo and I could not have done it without my wife and friends.


What was your NaNo experience? Would you like to join me next year?