Thesis Revisions

My twitter feed has consisted of two topics lately: coffee and thesis revisions. There seems to be a strong correlation between these two things for some reason. In light of that, I thought I would continue this theme on my blog.


In other news, I submitted my thesis for a final format check to my graduate school. I am in good shape to graduate this May and will be walking in August.

The Study Vacation

This weekend marks the beginning of a beautiful time of vacation. The time to see the world and go on road trips...where the sun is continually rising on the cheesiness of this metaphor. Now back to reality...

What will we really be doing? My wife and I will be neck deep in books and highlighters, post its and computers. We are inching closer and closer to finishing up our M.A. degrees. During this vacation we will be cooking meals in the crockpot, living at coffee shops and libraries, and spreading paper on the walls and floors paving the way to the wonderful world of linguistics graduate school bliss.

Why, you may ask, do we submit ourselves to the burden of squishy languages and simultaneous morphology? We like it, I guess.

Over the next few weeks, I will be updating our progress here as a space to defragment my brain after hours of intense study. I cannot promise my filter or my brain will be firing on all cylinders, but that adds to the fun right?

Enjoy the ride!