Understanding Personal Preference

A couple friend of ours came over this afternoon and, during the course of dinner, the idea of personal preferences came up. Specifically, personal preferences for beverages, food, and style. 

This really got me thinking about how, by understanding our personal preferences we get to know ourselves better. I assume this is why question tags are so popular on the internet, the act of introspection.

Drink preferences may seem arbitrary, but they can really tell us a lot about ourselves. Do we drink coffee or tea? Does our drink order contain more words than this blog post? Do we drink anything with our meals or wait until after? The answers to these questions come from our own personal interaction with the world. They are a glimpse of how we view the world and what is normal for us.

Food preference can tell a story as well. Do we rush to salt our food? Do we eat with a knife and fork in hand or just a fork? Do we know what all the forks at fancy place settings are used for?

When we understand our preferences, a sense of style emerges that is uniquely our own.

What do your preferences tell you about yourself?