The Bullet Journal - Analog Organization for the Creative Mind

I have been trying to find more creative ways to keep track of my thoughts and ideas. Several ideas on how to do this have been floating around in my brain for a while, but I was having a hard time picking one.

Then I came across a website that explains how to setup a journal in a way that combines a system with creativity to give the most flexibility. The website is called Bullet Journal and it was developed by Ryder Carroll. On his website you will find detailed descriptions on how to set up your own Bullet Journal.

Here is a brief video explaining how to use a Bullet Journal:

I am looking forward to trying this system out for myself. I just set up a new Hobbit Moleskine journal and look forward to using it as my portable second brain.

Also, several of the Moleskine journals and other products are half off until January 31, 2015 

Do you use an organizational system like this one?