Entering the New Year

Happy New Year!

I thought now would be a great time to review the goals I set in 2014 as I get ready to start 2015.

My 2014 goals were:

1. Make a video twice a week for my YouTube channel (100ish videos in a year)
-Completed 98 videos along with several in editing as we speak.

2. Write 300 words a day
-I did this sporadically.

3. Publish a book by January 2015
-I have several drafts. Nothing ready to publish yet.

4. Complete an After Effects training course through Lynda.com
-I dabbled in several courses throughout the year. I bought a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, so I needed to learn about color correcting, white balance, and RAW video.

5. Go to at least 2 networking events
-I went to Poland and present at a linguistics conference.

6. Obtain a second source of income
-Sort of… I have made a little money outside of my full time job.

As I look back at my 2014 goals, I realize I should have revisited them more often throughout the year and changed them as my interests changed.

Several of my goals also focused on the end result and not the process, such as Publish a book by January 2015, which was less helpful for me. 

I find goals like write 300 words a day to be much more helpful and doable because they focus on the process and not the end result. On the blog Modern Mrs. Darcy  she explains the difference between goals that focus on the process instead of the result and has inspired me to change how I set my goals for 2015.

My initial 2015 goals are:

1. Post on my blog everyday

2. Write 300 words a day

3. Intentionally work on making my marriage thrive

4. Read 20 books

5. Work on a video everyday - Shooting or Editing

I will break these goals down further throughout the year and in subsequent blog posts. One big resource that I will be using this year is a Don't Break the Chain calendar designed by Karen Kavett.

What are your goals for 2015? 

Setting up for a New Year

Yesterday was January 1st, which is the standard time to make yearly resolutions. Resolutions, that statistically, most people will not keep. I recently read this blog post by Adam Jeske. In his post he makes the case that no matter what your resolution for the new year is, you need to have a second resolution that will increase your success. That resolution is forgiveness. The ability to forgive yourself when you slip up on your first resolution. If you miss one day at the gym, forgive yourself and go the next day. He makes the case that people who keep their resolutions are people who are better at failing while still striving forward because they can forgive themselves.

I have to admit, I have never been a big fan of making resolutions, but I am beginning to get better at making yearly goals. This is largely due to the influence of my wife and her reading of Money Saving Mom's blog. Money Saving Mom has a great post on setting goals and evaluating them here.

So on January 1st, I sat down and wrote out six goals that I want to accomplish this year.


1. Make a video twice a week for my YouTube channel (100ish videos in a year)
2. Write 300 words a day
3. Publish a book by January 2015
4. Complete an After Effects training course through Lynda.com
5. Go to at least 2 networking events 6. Obtain a second source of income

What are your goals for the New Year?

Setting Goals

Since it is a new year, many people are now taking a few moments to set goals for the year. This is something relatively new for me as I am not typically the type of person to sit down and make plans for the year. I am what you might term a go-with-the-flow type of guy. This fits especially well with my Myers-Briggs personality inventory of INFP. I have spent the last few days sitting down with my wife planning out our goals for 2013. She has been sharing with me several books and articles to help us set specific measurable goals that are reasonable. One of the most recent articles was from Money Saving Mom's website called How to Change Your Life by Setting Goals.

In the article she goes into detail on how to set goals and the reasons for doing so. She has me convinced and for the first time we now have our goals for 2013 relatively finalized. Much to my surprise, I am now excited to start working on them. Who knew?

Do you write out your goals for the new year?