Marriage is Hard


Marriage is hard. This is something that no one really explained to me before getting married. I had a vague sense of it, but it was never really spelled out. Marriage is a sacred thing. It is a representation of Jesus’ relationship with believers. Jesus was willing to die for people so they could be in a right relationship with God. Husbands, too, are called to be self sacrificing like Christ, even to the point of death. As a husband, I am called to deny myself everyday and love her. It is holy work and a hard thing to do.

Marriage requires a lot of intentional work. My wife and I had about a year where we seemed almost incapable of understanding each other. This was due to our own propensities for sin and selfishness. It was something we had to work through and pray through. We both had to choose to love in the midst of struggle. It was a time of refining that ultimately led us closer to God.

It is a daily fight to pay attention to the needs of my wife and deny my own selfishness.

You know what?

It is worth every moment.

Since being married I have learned more about love, relationships, friendships, stewardship, and all sorts of ships than when I was single. I have become a better man because of the struggles, tears, joys, and prayers that come with marriage.

I want to encourage you that the hardest things are worth fighting for. There will be times to ask for forgiveness and times to forgive, times to laugh and times to cry, but in the end love is a choice worth making.