Speaking Powerfully

My job often requires me to speak in front of people as an interpreter. This means, I have to pay close attention to how I sound and how I project my voice. 

As I was browsing ted.com, this week, I came across this talk by Julian Treasure that gives some great tips on how to sound more confident and how to speak so others will listen. 

A New Semester - Name Challenge

“What in the world is their name?” is a thought that I have regularly. You see, I have been working at the same university for 8 years and in that time I have met a lot of people. I have also seen the faces of a lot of students without the formality of an introduction because I am standing in the front of the room interpreting. They see me. I see them. No names.

My challenge is this: to memorize the names and faces of everyone in at least two classes.

At the beginning of a semester, teachers typically call roll. I then have to fingerspell each name to the class and see who raises their hand, which is the perfect time to match names with faces. They typically only call roll in the first few weeks of the semester, so this challenge has to happen now, at the beginning of the semester.

Now, I am typically pretty bad at remembering names, so this is going to be quite a challenge for me. I wrote a blog post earlier about having a fixed mindset and remembering names is one of those areas where I have had a fixed mind set for a long time.

Are you good with remembering names and faces? If so, please leave tips in the comments for how you remember people's names. I will need all the help I can get.