The Perception of Others at Work

How do other people perceive me? That is the question that came to mind while I was attending a workshop at work this week about professionalism. 

When seeing an individual for the first time, people do, in fact, perform Sherlockesque deductions and form an impression of them in their subconscious. It is an impression that is hard to dispel once imprinted, even when presented evidence to the contrary.

How many times have you met someone and immediately known the type of person they are? I am guessing quite often. 

The ability to make snap judgements about a person makes me wonder, should I spend more time crafting my appearance? I usually take the typical guy approach of, if-it-is-clean-wear-it which is probably not for the best.

The difficulty for me is in not knowing what to wear. Apparently there is something called men's fashion, go figure. I sometimes get advice from my wife and sister-in-law, but it is something that I have almost actively avoided. Maybe it is time I open up the dialog with them and log into my unused Pinterest account.