Learning My Voice

At work today, I attended a workshop that probably will change how I view the rest of my life. It focused on the way we perceive ourselves and what it means to have a strong voice.

The presenter described the term voice as the confidence we have in our decisions, competencies, and authority. Trusting our voice allows us to make decisions with confidence while owning the consequences because we are confident in our abilities and authority. 

The discussion of developing a strong voice helped me realize how I have been letting fear rule my personal and professional life. I have been doubting my competencies and authority.

In the workshop I learned that being confident in my voice is a choice. I can choose to recognize my competencies and authority given to me or not.

So I choose to be confident. I choose to recognize my competencies and authority. This is going to be a process a constant process of choosing over and over again to be confident in my voice, but if this workshop taught me anything, it taught me that it is possible.

We don't have to live in fear of making choices.