Dreams on the Precipice of Life

It is five days into the new year and I have a choice to make. It is 8:45 pm and I had a long day at work . I have to make the decision to either stick to my goal of posting something everyday or not. I have to ask myself, "Am I really wanting to do this? Do I really want to follow through with this goal?" 

Thankfully, I have a caring wife who encourages me to follow through with my goals, but I still have to decide. I still have to plunk my keister into a chair and write or not.

I made my New Year's goals in the height of dreams and fresh starts that the New Year promises, and now is when it gets real. Now is when I have to either do it or not.

Now is the time for will power, coffee, and accountability.

If you are struggling to meet your goals in the first full week of the new year, you are not alone. You can meet your goals and you will, if you just do it, no matter how you feel about them at this moment.

Make the decision and commit right now to meeting your goals even when it is hard. Even if you missed a stepping stone, jump back up out of the frozen river of broken dreams and get moving. You can do it.