Setting the New Normal

As I am currently blazing through 2015, I am realizing how much change is really due to habits and not knowledge. For example, I can know how to make a budget but if I never make one it does not change my life. I am finding the same is true for the goals I set for 2015.

In the past I would fret about finding a topic to post about even twice a week. This year, I have posted here everyday since January 1st and each day I am finding it easier to do. In the process of achieving my first goal of 2015, I have relearned something.

I have to do things daily.

If I commit to do something daily, it forces the new habit to happen and causes a chain reaction in all areas of my life. I have to change my schedule, my priorities, and the way I spend my free time. The key is committing to do it no matter what. It is a commitment I should have made last year.

How are your goals for 2015 going?