My Old Pet Rock

I just downloaded the archives of an old Xanga site and found this short story I wrote in college. It still gives me a laugh. Jack: Don't twist the facts. I really did fly, just for a short period to save my strength.

Ben: You jumped off a table. How is that flying?

Jack: I could have kept going, but I am scared of heights.

Ben: Then why would you want to fly anyway?

Jack: Because I wanted to be with my pet rock.

Ben: Pet rock? Table jumper has a pet rock.

Jack: Don't tease him. He will bite.

Ben: Ooooo… I am scared. Your pet rock is going to bite me.


Ben: Ouch That hurt!

Jack: I warned you he would bite, but no you teased him anyway...

Ben: Bite? You threw it at me!

Jack: No I just let go. Remember pet rocks can fly too.