A Million Little Ways

Last week, I was checking my email and an email from a blogger caught my attention. As I read, I felt inclined to click the link to go to her blog. I spent the next twenty minutes reading post after post. One post in particular, the behind the scenes of writing “A Million Little Ways,” led me to buy this book. It has been a long time since I have read a book that has challenged me as many times as “A Million Little Ways” by Emily Freeman did. I admit I am not exactly her target market, being a 29 year old male. But when God says read something, you read it. So I bought the e-book.

In the book Emily shows how the purpose of our lives is to reflect God’s love and power in a million little ways to the people around us through art. This art can be in the way we do the laundry to the way a painter puts brush to canvas. She stresses the importance of being true to the artist God made us to be through depending on him in all of it.

Here is the video trailer for the book. 

“A Million Little Ways,” pushed me to be true to myself and how I was created. It is helping me push aside the critics in my mind that tell me I have nothing to offer. It is helping me recognize the lies I tell myself when I try to write or make a video. It is the push I needed to continue to pursue what I love to do.

I hope you find the book as enjoyable as I did. Please excuse me while I go read it again with a stylus in hand to highlight and take notes. There are things I don’t want to forget as it sits on my virtual bookshelf.

You can check out Emily P. Freeman's blog here: Chatting at the Sky