The Creative

During the holidays as my family was sitting around the living room talking, we started to talk about creativity. My family consists of a professional photographer, a musician, a writer, a boat builder/writer, a crafter, a marine/mechanic, a sailor, and etc… we are a quirky bunch. We agreed that creativity is something that is inherent to all of us. It is literally built into each and everyone of us. Creativity is not just for the traditional artists who paint, draw, and sculpt. Creativity is built into everyone from the cashier at your grocery store to the high powered lawyer.

A person is, fundamentally, someone who needs to create. When a person does not create, it can lead to feeling unfulfilled, disheartened, or antsy.

I have definitely felt the uneasiness and antsy feeling that comes from not creating anything for long periods of time. It is almost debilitating, but once I engage my creative engine with a book, start a project, or take a walk, I come alive again. I can see the world around me again and start to take notice of other things that inspire me. I have found that I am truly happy when I am creating.

My sister-in-law gave a good piece of advice during our discussion. When creativity levels are low you should not only start a project, but finish one. It can be small, but the simple act of finishing a project will inspire and spark more creativity.

I could not agree with her more.

Creativity is an interesting thing. The more you use it, the more there is. The more you give away, the more you get. The only time it runs dry is when you decide to stop making things.

Do you get antsy when you are not creating? Would you consider yourself creative?