The Desire to Create

As a creative type, I need to create something with my own two hands to be happy. It is something that is hardwired into my brain. It does not matter what it is, but I need the outlet for that creativity or else I start to get antsy. The danger comes when I go long periods without an act of creation. I no longer see the details and interesting bits in the world around me. I retreat into my own mind and it limits my ability to see what is going on around me. I stop observing and listening because my mind starts to focus too much on itself. I find that my creativity and inspiration comes from the outside world and when I don't create, I start to build a wall isolates me from my creativity and inspiration.

My wife recently brought this to my attention near the end of May. I had not made a video blog since the last day of April. In fact I had not created anything since then. She mentioned that I seemed a lot more involved when I was trying to find things to make videos about and she missed the excitement of discovery I had everyday during April. Her comment brought me back to reality and I decided to tear down that wall I had been building, hence my recent vlog post and this blog post.

The act of creation grounds me in reality and opens my eyes to the world around me.

Do you have a desire to create? How does the act of creation affect you?