The slightly unstable coffee incident

This morning was our first day back at work after our two week thesis vacation. The day began well, we set goals for the month, drank coffee, and listened to classical music. When we got to work I had two interpreting assignments back to back. The first assignment went well. The second assignment went like this:

The teacher had the students line up at the front of the room for an introductory ice breaker. It was a small classroom and a tight squeeze. The students lined up in the front of the room, which put me in the middle of the desks with the teacher. This was to keep sight lines clear and for me to be close to the source of information in the room (the teacher).

While interpreting I tried to take a small step backwards...

This is when I thought, "Everyone is looking at me," as I stumbled on the backpack that decided to eat my shoe like a leech. I tried to catch myself by putting my right hand down towards the desk, only to find my hand did not find a desk, but a cup of coffee left on the desk by one of the students.

The coffee tipped and wobbled, but I was able to keep it from falling over. I would call that a win, except for the small bit of coffee that sloshed out of the lid onto the desk. Now, in normal circumstances I would clean it up, but since I was interpreting I could not. I had to settle for a quick apology and continue interpreting what the teacher was saying.

It was one of the times I thought, "Great first impression," and then laughed about it later.

Have you ever made a first impression that you laughed about later?