Kokusai Street and Mukishi Public Market

Today we took a trip to Kokusai street and walked through the Makishi Public Market. It was pretty much sensory overload with all of the colorful signs and people. I don't think my senses have caught up yet. It is a strange feeling to be in a place where I didn't understand any of the signs or what was being spoken around me, even simple things like saying "thank you" or "excuse me" are difficult. I am sure this is the honeymoon stage of culture shock, but I am rather enjoying it.

Here are some of the signs and colors in the marketplace: 20121226-185724.jpg

There were several large colorful statues all along Kokusai street ranging from animals to the person figure in the picture below:20121226-185445.jpg 20121226-185043.jpg

In the Mukishi Public Market we walked into a fish market. There were fish here that I have never seen before. There were also things that I could not even begin to tell you how to cook. 20121226-185216.jpg

There were also really strange things for sale, such as these frog purses. 20121226-185533.jpgThis trip has given me a new appreciation for people who come to the United States from other countries and the difficulties they face.