The fear of doing

I hate to admit it, but I lean towards perfectionism. It is a great excuse not to get things done. I have been telling myself, "If something isn't perfect, then it isn't finished and should not be shared until it is." This is a lie that I have been feeding myself like dark chocolate. A lie that I am putting to rest right now, with a sledge hammer. In reality, perfection is not a standard that is achievable. It is a standard fabricated by our minds as an excuse not to create something. As a creative type, this particular lie can be quite paralyzing. I am currently reading a book by Jon Acuff that states, "...90 percent perfect and shared with the world always changes more lives that 100 percent perfect and stuck in your head." The truth of this statement really resounds with me. It points out that shared ideas are better (and more useful) than ideas that only live in our heads. Sharing a thought, even if it is not entirely correct, at least starts a discussion.

My fear of not doing something because I am not perfect at it is ridiculous. If I fail, I am going to make sure it is because I tried my best not because I never tried.

Do you struggle with perfectionism?