Alarm Clock Woes

There are not many things I struggle with more than mornings. It is not that I hate them, but I am, what you would call, a night owl. Once that sun burns brightly over the horizon, I am done for. During college I would regularly stay up until 2:00 a.m. doing school work and hanging out with friends. When I graduated the real world hit and hit hard. I got a job with a roughly 9 to 5 work schedule. My sleep schedule had to adjust accordingly.

This is when I started to use the dreaded and much loved snooze button. The snooze button is surprisingly popular for being completely contrary to the goal of setting an alarm in the first place. If we applied the principle of the snooze button to meeting times or even cooking timers, the results would be disastrous. Yet I am guilty of hitting it almost every morning.

As a night owl the snooze button is especially dangerous for me. In the evening I am full of optimism that I can wake up early to get stuff done. I set my alarm bright eyed and excited to write before work. When the alarm goes off, I drag my arm from beneath the comforts of a 25 pound quilt and it is all over. I hit the snooze. All of my well intended goals thrown out the window.

Thus, I have made a resolution. I am going to start using an alarm clock without a snooze. Wow, even writing that sentence makes me cringe.

Anyone else battle with the alarm clock snooze? Who is with me in tossing the snooze button all together?